After working for years in furniture and fashion, the natural next step for Accent Prone was to delve into interior design. Justin, Cheri, and team offer a handful of client-centric services that range from consultations to full residential design. If there’s one thing that entrepreneurship has taught us, it’s how to tailor our services and inventory to each unique client. Our interior design packages revolve around that premise. We craft spaces in your style, for your needs, and within your time and budget constraints. 

Want to Work Together?

We would love to hear about your project. Fill out the questionnaire here and we will let you know if your project is a good fit for our team.

Full Residential Design

The Accent Prone team designs your home or specific rooms of your home from the ground up. This includes structural remodeling, selecting finishes, purchasing furnishings, and collecting and styling decor. These projects are fully customizable based on the needs of the client.

Home Consultation

We are available to address any and all of your interior design woes, whether you are looking for the perfect paint color or you want a full-scale furniture plan. We offer our expertise and a listening ear in the comfort of your own home and help you move forward with your DIY design.

Home Styling

We know it can be difficult to imagine what something will look like once it’s in your space. If you need help styling a mantle or finishing out a recent remodel with decor, look no further. An AP team member will come to your home with a truckload of accessories to try out. Keep what you love and we will take the rest back to the store!